Bully Marketing Tactics Are Neither Clever Nor Innovative! They're Unprofessional!

Let me paint a portrait. I'm new to Black Business Women Online. You can imagine my horror when I received what I thought was a welcome greeting from a member on this website. Instead it was an unprofessional overly aggressive, ineffective marketing solicitation. An unsolicited invitation to join in a  business venture. I literally felt as though I were being bullied. I will not hesitate to mention It read like an attempt to emotionally, psychologically and spiritually brow beat me into submission. A person I did not know had the audacity to claim to know me, and my aspirations. She went on to state, she just didn't invite anyone. I wish she had never thought to invite me.

The invitation would have been laughable, if it had not been threatening and aggressive. A stranger who did not have the slightest clue as to my credentials, goals and aspirations. A stranger was invading my privacy armed with crude tactics. Tactics which can best be described in criminal terms as a strong arm mugging.

I can appreciate enthusiasm for ones product. However, brow beating potential employees or clients is totally unacceptable. My suggestion to this person who shall remain nameless, is to employ the marketing expertise of fellow BBWO members. Thus learning the art of successfully and professionally marketing your product.

This is #2 in an ongoing series of blogs to address the negatives on the journey to building ones business.



 ©2011 Lorraine Currelley.

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