I just wanted to share this story: over the summer I had been invited to bring my jewelry to a block party and at the same time make some money. That particular day, it was so hot nobody was really there. So I began to feel a little discouraged because even after people started showing up, I got lots of compliments, but nobody was buying anything…total frustration at this point. Then one of the teenagers there approached me and we began talking and I must say this kid really brightened my day. She began by telling me how much she loved jewelry and kind of experimented making things. It felt like she was actually giving me a interview. I’m sorry I forgot what her name was, but I had decided that before it was time to leave there I wanted to do something nice for this young lady and so I did…I gave her just about all the jewelry I had come with. So by now you probably think I was nuts, but I have so much jewelry I could open my own store! You just never know where or when you will get blessed. Just wanted to share that maybe it may brighten someone’s day.

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Comment by Jewell A Fox on February 27, 2011 at 4:02pm
Chance, that was wonderful and hope you get your blessing for doing good things to those less fortunate. Let me know your sites so we can get to know each other and help each other out.  My site is  Let me know yours.  send me an email through the site.

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