Anyone who knows me knows that I am not the most organized person on the planet. Well, in an effort to rid myself of mounds of paperwork and make room for more paperwork I really need, I asked a friend to give me a file cabinet and got to work cleaning house. I was amazed at some of the "stuff" I was hoarding. I still had all my receipts for the bursar's office at the University of Memphis. Mind you I graduated in 1999! I found three love letters I wrote to my ex-boyfriend back in the late 90’s. I WAS SO RIDICULOUSLY SPRUNG! I had poems I forgot I had written, scripts I wrote during my time as a writer for the Tom Joyner Morning Show, notes from various classes I had taken and a bunch of other "stuff" I won't name. Most of it I didn't want nor did I need. As I delved through the files of my life I realized three things:

1) I had done a lot of things I had forgotten about.

2) I need an excellent, super strength shredder.

3) I need to clean house more regularly.

Let's go with that and use it as a metaphor for life. Remember to clean house emotionally, mentally and physically on a regular basis. We all have emotional baggage and things we have neglected to discard but when that baggage weighs us down, prevents us from moving forward or takes up so much room we can't add to our lives, there's a problem. Is anything holding you back? Are you still in love with someone you used to date back in the day? He’s probably moved on and married and here you are pining away about what might have been. Do you have a closet full of clothes that don't fit anymore and you're telling people about how fine you used to be? (Lose the weight or donate them to Goodwill) Are you mad because someone got the promotion you felt you deserved? Are you still crying inside because your father wasn't there? Are you still bitter because someone broke your heart or had sex with you and acted like you didn't matter afterward. Now, all men are dogs and the woman he is with is an unattractive, gold digging ho. Are you still beating yourself up because of a bad decision you made that you can't fix? I am not without sympathy because I’ve been there. Although, your pain may be completely legitimate you should want to stop hurting. Letting go isn't always easy but enduring the pain in order to reach the breakthrough is usually worth it. It’s not healthy to wallow in sorrow, anger or regret.

Love yourself enough to forgive the person that hurt you and then let it all go. Will yourself to heal yourself. You cannot thrive and live out the wonderful life God has planned for you in a cluttered, emotionally toxic environment. Do yourself a HUGE favor and clean house! Keep the precious memories and throw the rest out. If you need therapy don’t be too proud to get it. Do what you have to do to be emotionally, mentally and physically healthy. Happiness is a wonderful place to reside. Put those bags down girl and give your arms a rest.

In case no one has told you lately my sisters….you are beautiful!

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Comment by Jae on June 17, 2010 at 10:37am

Thank you for your kind words. You can find more of my blogs and inspirational messages at I read your blog and I too get headaches when I am operating outside the will of God. Listen to him and he will guide your footsteps.

Comment by Tricia on June 17, 2010 at 9:36am
Bless you, I was just going to post my first blog about 'forgiveness' when I came across yours (smile). To summarize, if you want you can read it in detail on my blog, I got fired without discussion, etc from my new job of one week, lol, amazing isn't it, from a great track record of working with others I get fired after only one week, without notice, everything seemed fine and then WHAM.

Anyway I keep asking God to Bless them and forgive them, anytime I feel bitterness raising I ask God to Bless them and make the company prosper.

Be Blessed, hope to hear more from you.

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