COMING SOON: Craig Coleman has completed his first Novel

COMING SOON: Craig Coleman has completed his first Novel, "Trained to Cheat. Trained To Cheat attacks subjects that strongly relates to Infidelity. Rather you are cheating on your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or a single person who is attracted to someone that is married. The act of infidelity is committed against God, not your partner. The only way to be faithful in life and love is by being faithful to God.
Unedited Synopsis: All Men Cheat, Women Cheat Too, Once a Cheater always A Cheater, Blah, blah, blah. In today's society, it should be common knowledge to realize that both men and women are guilty of Cheating. Trained 2 Cheat is a story about a man who was, raised to be a Cheater. From the time he was born, on into his adult life, men, woman and those who influenced him the most, trained him to be the worse kind of man, by there actions and infidelities. Trained 2 Cheat gives fictional accounts of how one man can go from a Cheating no good S.O.B in one marriage, to a devoted husband, in his second and final marriage. Read how Cheating is a behavior that flows from generation to generation.

Unedited Introduction:Introduction
In 1961, Private Bobby Carter Sr. Married his childhood sweet heart Cora. Shortly after the wedding, Cora would give birth to there first child, Bobby Jr., Several months later, the United States Army would send Bobby oversees in support of the Vietnam Conflict. While he was away serving his country, the distance wore thin on there relationship. Cora’s efforts to be a faithful wife ended one night after partying with a close friend, Willie Barnes. Even though they never dated, that night on the town would result in the birth of yet another child, Pete. While her husband puts his life on the line daily, Cora would continue to struggle with being a devoted wife. Dwayne Patterson would be the next temptation to enter her life. He was a local man married with three small children of his own. However, this relationship was different; Dwayne and Cora really cared for each other, but the relationship could not continue because they were both married. This relationship would also end with child number three, Charles. In 1970, Jeffrey Simms would enter Cora’s life after they moved up north for new beginnings. Starting Over in a brand new city would be a challenge. They would date awhile, and eventually were married. It was rare even in the 70's for a man to marry a woman with three kids. Jeff and Cora would find out that it is not easy raising children. They lived in the inner city; and were, exposed to many things that would make the boys look at life from a man’s point of view. Cora would soon find out that she and Jeff had something in common. Both of them come from a generation of two-timers, and Jeff would continue to pass this behavior down to there innocent boys. They were, taught that real men had more than one woman. As teenagers, they were, allowed to have girls in the house as long as Cora was not home. During those years, they were, exposed to drugs and alcohol, which made there, lives more complicated. Throughout there adult lives, they continued to revisit these activities until reality entered in. Shortly after his second marriage, Charles the youngest boy would seek counseling to help him with his inability to commit.
I pray that this book would open up our hearts so that we can realize that infidelity is a virus that is destroying families all over this country. Because of self-pity, our children are, forced to live in single-parent homes, and learning the wrong principles of marriage.

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