We are mid way through our New Year New You contest and a tip for Day #10 hits close to home.

Day 10: Shop Discount Grocers

I’m a Debt Free Diva, but I will admit, I was a bit of a grocery store snob. I judged stores by location and perceptions about the clientele served. I’m not proud.

After a recent (and hopefully temporary) reduction in household income, I was looking for additional ways to conserve cash. One of our largest variable expenses is groceries.

My grocery store is close, has a huge advertising budget, and is one of the more expensive chains available in the city. Did I say it was close? As a lark, I decided to try Aldi – the deep discount chain mainly available in less affluent communities. My grandma, on a fixed income, shops at Aldi. Pride aside, with a need to save money, I gave Aldi a try. To my snobbery surprise, the store was clean, the produce was fresh, and I saved nearly 35% over my normal spending total.

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