Before I get to the heart of this message, a quick note - you and 29 others can now use code PCR15 to download the Replays of the SistaSense Power Circle.

I don't read emails on Mondays, so today I have a mountain of emails to go through. And as I was sitting at my desk I was just deleting away. Some things I didn't have the time to read, some things I didn't want to read, and for some things I said "How in the world did I get on this list!" Now in my rush I realized I accidentally deleted something I needed.

I was thinking about that accident and thought of you because when we get in the habit of hastily, sometimes blindly deleting messages in the process we lose messages. We miss out sometimes on things we should have REALLY looked out but lose because there is just SO MUCH to sift through.

A few Noteworthy things for you today ...
Highlights Video + Replays from SistaSense Power Circle
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How well is BBWO working for you? As Deborah Owens Shared in the Power Circle, "The Key to Output is Input". You need to input on the network, add value and interact if you want the output of new connections, partnerships, promotions, and possibilities. Who have you networked with here? Are you searching for folks in your industry? Are you joining discussions? I love giving you output, but we all need your input to grow! And remember when you delete the message, you loose the message (food for thought).


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