One of the most important thing in marketing is knowing who your target audience is. How do you gain potential buyers, listeners, and readers? It is through share of mind. We have all heard the saying, "change your thinking and you will change your life" this is more than a saying it is so true. Understanding your audience makes the difference to your success.

The key to direct marketing is trial/error, repetition and PATIENCE. Patience enables us to have a realistic expectation of who the audience is and what that audience will favorably respond to. Think about how long it has taken to cultivate your skills. How many days and nights of studying did you invest to receive a degree or rehearsing before reasonably confident about performing to a live audience. What you are doing or have done to cultivate your skills is "DEVELOPMENT". Personal, social, and now marketing. It takes longer to develop your marketing (for longevity) than it will developing everything else. Direct Marketing requires patience and commitment to gain share of mind.

Know your target audience. Often the audience we think we should target, is so NOT. You will only know this through trial and error, repetition and the primal key is patience.

Lisa Henry

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