DreamTV Studios Casting Call For Web Series In Houston Texas

Imagination ( Web Series)

Synopsis: A spiritual author/novelist revisits her past as a young girl, and what lead her to become the award winning, world renowned author/novelist she is today. The story will focus on a young girl Parker at the age of 10 who had a very vivid imagination, at least that’s what her parents believe, the story will also focus on Caleb, Parkers Imaginary friend, or is he. The story will lead into Caleb’s life and what lead him to the Young Parker, and the circumstances that brought the author to her positive outlook on life.

Young Parker has taken a turn for the worst, as she lays still in a hospital bed her parents wonder what will happen next, They begin to argue over who is at fault. Parker reaches over to touch her mother’s hand. Just then her mother begins to cry, “ Don’t worry Mommy, Caleb says everything will be alright”. © 2009


Characters for Imagination ( casting call now open until September 18th)
After the 18th We will review all bio or resume and headshots, and contact potential cast members for a reading.
As of Now Imagination will have at least 5 to 6 episodes, which is subject to change, each episode will be either 5 to 10 minutes long.

Parker Arrington ( Spiritual novelist and the person telling most of the story) Age Range 31-40

Young Parker ( main character), a 10 year old little girl who lives life with her eyes wide open, and heart feel with hope and promise. Age Range 8-13

Caleb ( Main Character),a artist, a man who has seen despair, but is now able to bring hope, depicted as the Imagination of Young Parker, but is he? Age range 23-30

Olivia Arrington- (mother) a ex advertising executive once the top paid woman in the industry, but chooses a family, and marriage over her career, which may cost her everything. Age range 28-40

Lucas Arrington ( father) a photographer, who can see hope through the lens of his camera but not in his home. Age range 28-40

Lynn Channing, ( school teacher) a woman who seems to have it all together, but holds regret in her heart. Age range 23-31

Melinda Woods ( Parkers little friend)- More on this character later age range 8-13

Jacob Channing ( character will soon be defined) ( any age)

Teenage Parker ( still learning life with the help of a childhood friend) age range 14-18

Teenage Melinda age range 14-18

There will be various extras throughout the series, some may be come permanent and some may not.

* This is a low budget Web Series Actors will NOT be Paid. Credit will be given to all Cast Members.
© 2009

** I am also looking for replacement parts for a current web series/ soap opera on You Tube. Prides General. © 2008
The parts will be a Doctor, Nurse, Mob Boss, Detective, Rich Man, Board Member, Patient.

Contact Bernadette Raimer at

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