We are on the brink of change; it is taking place all around us. Day by day, moment by moment change is occurring, whether we like it or not. Change is viewed in many ways outwardly but I believe that true change begins within before we ever see the visible signs of an outward manifestation. Two such changes are in fact directly upon us; the first was accomplished years prior to this writing, though the annual recognition is tomorrow and the second has been a long time coming.

Tomorrow we acknowledge the birth of, the late, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. which is now recognized nationally as a holiday. Dr. King believed in change. He lived and died trying to bring forth change, records of such efforts as the freedom march and speeches including the famous “I Have a Dream” speech made on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in 1963 were recorded and are still remembered today.

On this Tuesday, the 20th of January 2009, the nation will watch as President-Elect Barack Obama makes history by taking the oath to become the 44th President of the United States of America; the 1st African American to ascend to such an honorable position. President Obama embodies the heart of Dr. King’s “Dream” which he shared with the world. A dream of a people united, experiencing equality for all and having the liberty to pursue purposes and fulfill destinies. The beliefs of both these men are the “truth” of a “changed” way.

I am embracing, experiencing and expecting such change in 2009; but, I’m not just writing of the obvious change that is before us. I am looking to give and to receive, to bless and be blessed. I expect 2009 to be the year where all barriers fall down and all obstacles are removed; no more handicaps as they’ve been completely erased from sight. I’m stepping forth into my predestined place, rising to fill the space I was created for.

Fulfillment of purpose and destiny is necessary in every individual’s life. That’s what we are here for; it is the plan of God. Living life expecting the best, giving the best and being one’s best is true and complete fulfillment. I embrace this day, looking forward to tomorrow and accepting all changes that shall come my way. We (mankind) do not have all the answers and because that is “truth”, we must look to God, who knows all, to discover our paths.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. followed his dreams and lived his personal truth. President-Elect Obama is fulfilling destiny by living his purpose and accepting his “truth”. Each day I live I come closer to the fulfillment of my destiny, having already discovered my purpose; I am walking in “my truth”.

These journeys of realization and fulfillment of destiny are not meant to be taken alone, so I invite you along in a united effort in search for “truth”. It involves living life on purpose, in purpose, with the sole intention of fulfillment. As we discover destiny, our reason for living is revealed and we will experience cohesiveness. We become a people connected, unified in the truth, walking in love and peace. We stand proudly, hand over heart and vow, “One nation under God - indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”; and now it’s time for us as a country to live what we say we believe. Let us embrace this change and live our best lives in unity as a body of believers united; one nation, one body, one spirit.

God Bless You,
~Lady DP Declouet

Women of Destiny, LLC
Purpose-Minded to Promise. TM

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