Authentic Style From the Inside Out!


There is something enticing about a woman who walks in authentic style. You know her when you see her, she captures everyone’s attention and the world obeys her command. There is no fraud in her eyes just the ease of confidence and optimism, happiness and light stream from her smile. It’s almost as if the sun rests on her face…Now wait a minute you mean to tell me that being authentic can do all that!!! Yes, it can! Maybe not to the degree of the sun resting on her face but you can feel good, look good and generate life and love just by being your authentic self.

Authentic style is just what it says, your very own way of interacting in this world.
Authenticity is not false or copied; it’s genuine and original as opposed to being a fake and a reproduction in-other-words an imposter. It’s not evil, mean and green with envy, full of attitude and sarcasm. Authentic style sets precedence and bears legal validity…Do you know it is law!

Walking in truth about who you are, where you are heading, making an accurate assessment about what you want from life and putting a strategy in place to accomplish the task. Even when the journey shifts you still make a deliberate effort to dispel fear and failure because it is as natural as breathing. Events are part of the human experience understanding life’s process. Wisdom shouts that the blessing door swings both ways and our efforts must be proven.
Authentic style demonstrates reliability in all your promised commitments and required responsibility. Authentic style is not represented in what bag you got on your arm, the kind of car you drive or even if your shoes have a fire-engine red bottom. Balance is the foundation in an authentic life, Spirit-Soul-Body-and Style.
Style bears a more creative distinction and identifiable form and can be articulated in the way you move, your style of hair or your indescribable flair. It’s the intricate expression of your presentation. Clothing that makes you feel as good as you look. Reflecting on a scene from the movie “Act like a lady, Think like a man” one of the actresses put on granny-panties, so she wouldn’t feel as sexy and was able to keep herself one more time.


This is the power of clothing!

Authentic style is you at your highest level of confidence, widest range of creativity and best fitting-figure-flattering clothing style that is your brand.
Every authentic woman bears a signature; it’s innately inside of her ready to introduce itself to her and the world. Some dangle jewelry; offer bravura clothing, a splash color, a sensuous voice, a hardy laugh and a lingering scent. Authentic style is intoxicating. Take a deep breath...let the aroma seep deep into your self’s-soul now let’s get in your closet!
First let’s make a pit stop in the lingerie department I’m talking foundations of proper dressing yes I’m saying it, it’s the underwear. What you wear UNDER what you wear is just as important… if not more so. What in the world is going on with thongs in church that everyone can see, bras, which too small causing your back to be rolled up like a pack of hotdogs.

Women I know we fought for freedom and equal rights but what we are displaying is far from freedom and cannot be equaled. Authentic styles come in all shapes, ages and sizes and what sets them apart from being average is that they are COMPLETE when they WALK OUT THE DOOR. Totally groomed from head to toe, wearing pressed well-cut clothing; tap heels on the bottom of their fly shoes, the right foundation, appropriate make-up and colors. Accessories coordinate or contrast their well-put together outfit. Authentic style doesn’t have to follow all the latest trends or spend top dollar on an item because their worth is not in what they have on but in who they are that makes what they wear vivacious.

Authentic women wear clothing that fit. It’s as simple as that. Nothing is too low or too high, too tight or sheer, she rests in appropriate boundaries. Remember the golden rule “if you have to ask don’t wear it.”
Authentic style from the inside out is balanced by character, presentation, and happiness and exuding genuine adoration for everyone along with a fierce pair of shoes!

Style-Key: Next time you are in the lingerie section take the time to get properly measured for foundational garments and yes if you require figure-control or body enhancement in your garments buy them!

Dianne C. Lemon
EnVoi Consignment Boutique
Image & Style Consultant
W.R.E.S.T. Inc

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