EnVoi Fashion Fridays - Clothing Clusters:


All of us are looking for ways to make the best of our wardrobe, creating clothing clusters is a clever way and easy way to build a versatile wardrobe of clothes.

Once you get the idea of how clusters work, you'll be able to plan your wardrobe around them

and give yourself tons of options.

Best of all, you'll no longer be tempted to waste money on impulse items that don't go with anything you own.

The first thing you need to do is remember when planning clothing clusters is that you CAN mix

and match what you already have in your wardrobe. I call this stepping out of the box.


I find most women are not aware of all the possible mix and match combinations they have already own, when they peer into their closets they scream I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! If you only see what is in front of you.

Often, we get in such a rut that we forget that there's more than one way of doing things. So, start building your clothing clusters with items you already own.

Before you dash to the shops it's important to find out what you have in order to decide what you need, and then prioritize your purchases as your budget allows.

Explore and note all the possible combinations you own. Try them on to make sure they really

Work for you.


What Is A Cluster?

A clothing cluster is a group of 5-12 pieces (jacket, skirt, slacks, etc.) that work in combination with each other.


Mix and match guidelines:


Solids mix more easily than prints.

Prints can bridge two completely different solids.

Simple, untrimmed styles are more versatile and become less dated.

 Make sure each piece is in your most flattering colour palette and fits both your shape and your clothing personality.

Don't waste money on stuff that doesn't fit or make you look good. I don’t care how fly it is!

Avoid trendy styles. What's "in" this year will be "out" next year and you'll be out of cash.


Invest in quality. Invest in Classic foundational pieces…


I know from experience that some women are really good at mixing and matching while others need a little more help.

Arrange your closet for easy access by keeping all the pants together, all the skirts, suits, shirts and like-pieces together.  Get a system for your clothing an order to your style, Everything works better in decency and order.

Know your Body type. Know your Style..

Know yourself!!!



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