Feeling Like YOU Are Pressured In Your Business Opportunity?

Have you been in a situation where your upline is "helping" you but uses the phrase "...if you don't join me in this other business opportunity, or sign up for this membership site (that has a monthly fee), I will no longer waste my time helping you because you don't want IT bad enough."?


How about seeing and/or hearing your upline getting ALL the praise for work "they" have done while your team doesn't even get a simple THANK YOU or better yet not even a thumbs up of appreciation?


Getting constant texts that say "Team Conference Call NOW, if you are not on this one don't bother about being on the next one. I don't have time to deal with people who WASTE MY TIME!"?


NO ONE should be pressured into wanting HELP! If you feel like this I encourage you to GET OUT of that business opportunity (or opportunities), step back and take a look at what is really important to YOU.


Being in a business opportunity should NEVER feel like you are getting hazed into a social Greek organization. Everyone will have different accomplishments at their own time and their own pace. Also everyone's family life is not picture perfect or laid back. Some of us actually do want to make sure our business grows but also want to reap the awards of helping others and spending time with natural family.


Recently I wrote these facts down but I don't know where I got them from. This is a perfect time to share them. Always remember to:


*Focus on what YOU want

*Knowledge is POWER but YOU shouldn't feel pressured

*Achieve YOUR goals

*Make YOUR dream YOUR reality


This is my insight for you and make sure if the business opportunity (opportunities) are not working for YOU, find one that will.


Continued SUCCESS

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