Find out how a 51 yr old woman lost 134 lbs in 18 months.

I am so grateful that you took the time to get to know more of who I AM (or more candidly - Who I WAS)!

I am not sure how you found my page, but before I tell you how I lost all that weight let me tell you a little more about myself.

Please understand should you decide to want to connect with me I am sincerely interested in learning as much about you as you would like to share with me.

I am a woman determined to live her best! I have learned that when I compare myself to others, I lose out in my life. I realize that God made us ALL unique with a variety of gifts and talents.

Therefore, where we are weak in areas of our lives, there will always be someone God will appoint us to & strengthen us in those particular areas.

So I no longer worry about the weaknesses in my life or what I don't know at this point because if I keep moving forward and acknowledging God, He will direct my path!

Let me give you a small testimony about how I came to this point in my life...

My desire had become a passion to help others in my own business from home....Why I chose a home business, I wanted the flexibility to work my career around my personal life. Bonus, it is a very low start up cost!

I found myself to be completely unemployable and thank God. My talents and gifts would have been wasted! The desire to be a business owner and investor into other's success burned strongly in me. I knew my time was and is worth more than a few pennies on the dollar!

My mentality never was the same again...I was truly on a mission. Did I regret leaving college? NO, because God purpose for us, is NOT our purpose! What seems strange and crazy to others, is very sane to God. He knows what is BEST for our life more than we could ever imagine!

A quote that I want to share with you...

"Success will NOT happen overnight, BUT if you stay persistent and consistent, SUCCESS will happen one night!"

As of today, my mind, my decisions, my attitude, my outlook on life and other aspects of it will NEVER be the same again! I decided to make a DECISION in my life and to take ACTION! It was the best decision I have ever made!

If you want better results in your life, you have to first make a decision and take action and be committed in doing things differently and continue to move forward.

We are NOT responsible for the results in our life, BUT we are responsible for the ACTIONS that we take!

Become honest with yourself and ask for help in areas you are weak in! We all are NOT equipped to be strong in everything.

A FOOL never asks for help, but someone with WISDOM will reach out for it!

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Comment by Michelle Hughes on November 11, 2009 at 7:54pm
Robin, I read your PMS blog, is this site for real? Has it really helped you? You seem familiar and comfortable with this company. Are you involved in it?

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