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Don't you hate when you hear about something great the day after its over? After reading disappointed messages from those who missed my Good Life Girlfriends event this Saturday I decided to create a "What's Happening This Week" series to keep you in the loop.

First things first...
If you can't believe you missed the GLG Event AND Early Bird Registration for the 2013 event do NOT MISS using the code ‘GLG2012′ to get about 35% off Power Circle Conference registration. This code WILL expire in less than 3 days. Save now and get full event details at

New Book – With the key to building a million dollar business

This Tuesday is the official release of Richelle Shaw's new book The Million Dollar Equation: How to Build A Million Dollar Business.... Richelle is more than qualified to write this book. She built her first business from $300k to $36 million, lost it all after the 9-11 Tragedies and then rebuilt her million dollar business within 6 months. The strategies she’s written about aren’t just theories, and they’re not merely based on “research” she’s done. These are real-world tactics she’s actually implemented in her business and helped others to implement in theirs.

This week is your last chance to listen to Pam Perry's replay 7 Ways to Get Out There. Pam wants to show you how promote yourself, build and authentic platform and get your message out there. Her strategies are especially helpful to book authors. She has worked with T.D. Jakes, Bill Winston, Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook and Dr. Pat Bailey.

All this week Jai Stone, creator of Emotional Nudity, will be hosting the No Fear, No Apologies Virtual Conference. Emotional Nudity is a highly personalized lifestyle that promotes authentic living without fear or apologies. Founder Jai Stone plans to introduce this incredible approach to abundant fulfillment to the world during the 1st Annual Emotional Nudity Awareness Week. If you would like to live a more authentic, congruent life, this event is for you. Click hereto review speaker list and registration details.

Both Pam and Richelle will be speaking at the SistaSense Power Circle Conference in January 2013. If you want to jump start next year with us, don't let your calendar chase you down with feelings of wasted time and regret! Use the code ‘GLG2012′ and join use inside the power circle -

If you have something happening this week leave your updates and questions via the comment box here and/or the BBWO Events Directory.

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