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The first time I heard this parable, I was working in the marketing department for the Mississippi Credit Union System. I had the pleasure to meet one of the top motivational speakers, Mr. Willie Jolley. As part of the marketing team, my job was to ensure he got from point A to point B through parts of a 3 day convention. There were several things he said in route and also in the lobby of the convention, however this parable from him set the core for how we operate.

"Everyday in Africa a gazelle wakes up knowing he has to out run the fastest lion or get eaten. Everyday in Africa a lion wakes up knowing he has to out run the fastest gazelle or starve to death. So it doesn't matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle, when the sun comes up you'd better be running"

I know many of you have heard this. My first time was then. Marketing controls a large portion of the financial success of any law firm or any business for that matter. Marketing managers are accountable to everyone who receive a paycheck from that business. When marketing has personal problems, has the blues, or wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, the firm or business feels it in their bottom line. It is more than a job. It is the key to everyone's quality of life. Whatever the personal circumstances of the marketing personnel the motto is, When the sun comes up you'd better be running. There is nothing more humbling than seeing a picture of a receptionists or paralegals family on their desk.

Marketing does not keep the same hours as the rest of the firm. Operations is structured from 9 to 5. Direct marketing is different from other forms of marketing. Direct marketing requires (Call to action) one-on-one real-time with potential clients and that requires a great deal of the marketers time. (On call 24/7) and ready to change strategies at a moments notice. Heart characteristics are commitment, dedication, and discipline.

The drive or heart of marketing must be willing to go that extra mile. The attitude of your marketing team and how they operate affects others. Time, energy, and imagination are vital to marketing success. Everything has to be done in time and well executed. Direct marketing is filled with planning a-lot of mini events. Off timing or bad execution halts momentum of incoming revenue. There will be a drought until the machine is oiled again. Some businesses do not have the luxury or financially stable to re-prime the pump. The heart of a legal marketer must understand what is at stake and treat this as more than just a job. Legal marketers get up running everyday to protect a way of life.

If your marketing manager does not identify with this next story, a new marketing manager is needed:

There was this Young Creative Inventor who built a wind machine with no motor. He showed it to his Wise Uncle. His Wise Uncle praised him for this one-of-a-kind wind machine. An Investor contacted the Young Creative Inventor and told him he was interested in mass producing his wind machine and said he had only a window of tomorrow at 5:30 to test drive the unique wind machine with no motor.

The Young Creative Inventor and his Wise Uncle were excited and then realized there had been no wind in 2 days. They were both nervous at the thought of no wind. They waited to see what the morning would bring. At sun up there was no wind. At 10:00am there was no wind and at 1:30pm the wind report said there would be no wind at 5:30. The Young Creative Inventor became hysterical. Then Wise Uncle told him to calm down and that there would be wind by 5:30. The Young Creative Inventor was stunned. He asked, "Wise Uncle how!?" Wise Uncle walked to the phone, dialed a number. The Young Creative Inventor asked, "Who are you calling?" Wise Uncle said, "SHHHH! I'm on an important call." (Yes, this is Wise Uncle. How are you? Well, I need your help. God, I need to talk to you about your wind.)

It is always a Blessing to share. Dream your world!

Almost forgot the most important attribute of the heart of a legal marketer. PASSION.

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