How a newsletter and 39 ponds put me back on course....

Hi everyone,


Question, have you ever had one of those AH moments Oprah talks about, or a Ding Ding moment Richelle Shaw talks about or just a plain old OMG why did it take me so long to do that?!?!


Now this blog isn't meant to be long, but what it's meant to do is inspire! You know how we talk about something pivotal happening and people say OMG that changed my life. What if that Pivotal moment really didn’t change YOUR LIFE, but in actuality got you back onto the "Yellow Brick Road"...  putting you back on the path you've always meant to be on? Think about it!


You see, I wonder where I would be at this moment if Richelle Shaw did not send out her 5th Newsletter in October 2011, informing that she was coming over to the UK.... what if I didn't head to The Millionaire Women Bootcamp website and signed up and paid the 39 pond.... well I’ll tell you; in bed, not feeling inspired to write this piece that where. I’d then wake up later and still be wishing myself a better and more meaningful life!


What I am trying to say is; there may be something that keeps nagging at you for the longest awhile and keeps returning, maybe in the same form (hence Richelle's newsletters) or in a different forms but regardless, it's the same message. What do you do when the answer is right in front of you? Now don't get me wrong all the speakers were brilliant and I even signed up with Marie-Claire Carlyle as she inspired me with her Money Magnet presentation, but now come to think of it... without that 5th newsletter and paying the 39 ponds; I most likely up to this day still would not have known who Marie-Claire was!


So, if I can leave any words of wisdom to every lady on the BBWO community; don't ignore the clobber over your head or like Richelle say, 'miss the opportunity.....', cause that nagging, clobber or sign is just trying to tell you that you've got off course and it’s time to get back on the PATH you’re truly meant to be on!!!





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