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In 1995, I was an executive assistant for the marketing department of the Mississippi Credit Union System. The company hosted an annual convention for board members and employees of various credit unions in Mississippi. That year the premiere guest speaker was Willie Jolley, phenomenal speaker and member of Les Brown's dream team. The marketing department was responsible for arranging, transporting and adhering to the schedule of the speakers. The guest speakers each presented or held seminars through out the convention and a strict schedule had to be maintained.

The speaker I was responsible to primary assist was Willie Jolley. The convention was held in Biloxi, MS at the most beautiful time of year for the Mississippi gulf coast. I had no idea what I was in for. I assumed it would be the same as other speakers I had assisted where they were demanding and distant. That was not true of Mr. Jolley. He personally got to know everyone who assisted him and said thank you to everyone who kept his schedule tight and together.

I remember when I first met him he asked, "What is your position in the company?" I told him and his reply, "Lisa, I can show you how to be the CEO of this company or have your own buisness. It's up to you."

He talked every minute to any assistant around about exploring your possibilities. The last day of the convention we had people asking us about buying more of Mr. Jolley's books and tapes. We were responsible for his display set-up and also manging the sales of his merchandise as he signed his books for believers and fans. I told them we had sold out of his book, however we could take their orders and Mr. Jolley's home office would mail them their signed copy. There were six of us who assisted Mr. Jolley altogether. Just as Mr. Jolley was heading for the airport, he thanked us and pulled out every book he had ever written and tape he had produced and each was personally signed by Willie Jolley. We were all stunned. The books were hard back and exactly what the cash paying convention members were asking for.

Today, four out of six assistants have their own businesses. The most powerful sentence I heard from him through the entire convention was, "All things are possible, all things are possible when you believe."

It is always a blessing to Share, Dream a World!

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Comment by Ann Denson-Willis on February 16, 2009 at 11:29pm
I love this - continued success ghirl
Comment by Lisa Henry on February 16, 2009 at 9:50pm
Hi Veronica! Clarksdale is only a few hours away. I have met people who live around the corner from me through BBWO. I am still amazed!!! Thank you for your kind words. Many blessings to you!

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