How I Doubled my Online Profits in One Month


To learn everything I know about making money online, click here and grab my 15+ web business and marketing ebooks while ....

I’m a digital diva. Most of the products that I sell online are in one digital form or another, ranging from eBooks and banners to web templates and ad space [browse my ebooks for entrepreneurs]. When I started making sales online, I felt like I was floating on cloud 9. When I figured out how to double my sales in less than a month, I felt like I was on top of the world.

Let me let you in on a few simple tips that can help you tap into the profit potential of your business. Here are the five things that I did to double my profits in one month:

1. I took my best selling eBooks and put them in bundles. I went from making $10 per sale to $20 per sale, and even more than that with my bigger eBook packages. I used the same system in my graphics design business. My most popular product was the $20 medium sized banner. I quickly realized that many people didn’t know how to upload their banner to their website, so I added on an additional fee of $10 for html code. Then I realized that some people wanted animation added to their banner, which meant I was doing more work, but not getting paid extra. At that point, I decided to charge an additional $10 for animation, so now my average banner design profit is $40 instead of $20 and that profit gets even bigger when customers by in bulk or purchase larger banners.

2. I started to recommend other products to my buyers when they asked questions, just before checkout, and after their purchase. Simple recommendations and follow-up emails turned small sales into up sells, which again resulted in more profits.

3. I stopped spending the majority of my time trying to find new business. I started email marketing campaigns, inviting old customers to check out new products and I started giving them exclusive discounts. I took my new $20 bundle and gave old customers exclusive $10 discounts which resulted in return sales. By staying in contact with old customers and giving them the incentive to buy new things at a discounted rate, I was able to generate return sales in addition to new sales.

4. I started my first subscription website, the Web University, where fans of my eBooks could get one new eBook from me every month in addition to monthly how-to articles and videos. My subscription websites opened up a new world of residual income and constant cash flow. Instead of having customers buy one eBook, I had them on auto-payment, which meant I was receiving payments every month. I used that same system to create my banner rotator, my black girl click ad network, and my other coaching programs to ensure that every week I was generating residual sales.

5. I started to actively promote products I used to people in my network. From Google Adsense to my top Affiliate Products, I figured out how to generate a new stream of residual income by recommending affiliate products to my list.

Selling digital content, taking advantage of email marketing, affiliate marketing, and subscription programs are all really simple sales solutions that I used to double my profits in one month. Stick with me, and I will explore each of these strategies in more detail on the SistaSense Blog. To learn everything I know about making money online, click here and grab my 15+ web business and marketing ebooks while ....

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