How to Attract More People To Your Profile Page on Social Networking Sites- Pt. 1

If you are spending more time on social networking sites and not seeing enough results, this series of blogs and my upcoming ebook is for you!

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First impressions matter!! It's hard to overcome a first impression! People will quickly sum up their impression of you in less than 7 seconds. First impressions also stick. You will be quickly labeled, good or bad: Oh yeah, that's the girl or guy who had _______ on his profile. Or a visitor to your page might even forget your profile! You want exposure! You want people to talk about you! You want people to tell others about you!

How do you do that? Give people an experience when they come to your page! They will stay longer. They will tell their friends to check out your profile. They will tell others to listen to your music if your music is available and something that they like. They will offer to collaborate with you if they are in the music business. They will ask you questions and the like. In other words, your visitors will become fans of you and your music. To do that you have to make the most of your profile.

But many people believe that merely joining a social networking site is the magic key to winning and getting noticed on social networking sites. It isn't. Putting up several profiles on various networks will make you more googleable. You do want/have to be googleable!

However, you will only be googleable if someone simply searches for your name in Google. You want people to be able to find you by searching other generic terms like "music artist" "recording artist" and the like. Additionally, people will find YOU only if your name is distinguishable enough. I'll talk about that more in a later blog. But you want to set up GREAT profiles on the social networking sites that you’re on.

And when visitors get to your profile, what do they see?
No profile pic.
No activity.
Hardly any comments.
For musicians, a music player up with no music (which makes NO sense).
For musicians, music that is not good
No professional looking picture
Little or no friends
For musicians, nothing showing people like your music
No insight into who you are through blogs, pictures, or videos
Nothing showing you value personal/professional development such as professional affiliations with PROs, groups, and the like
Nothing showing you like people
Nothing demonstrating that you want people to talk to you
No graphics whatsoever
An ugly background

Or here's the overboard king/queen:
Too many gadgets on your page
Too many pictures of yourself that all look alike, e.g. all head shots
Making all 5 of your music players and your videos auto play.
An about me page with toooooo many paragraphs about yourself on it.
Profile colors which make the words on your profile unreadable.

These are mistakes because again first impressions matter, because you want to engage people, you want people to want to engage you, you want repeat visitors, you want referrals, you want respect in the industry, and you want to appear professional yet approachable. Having nothing up on your profile won’t cause repeat visitors. Having too much on your profile won’t make visitors stay because it takes forever to load your profile page. Make your profile interesting. With all of the great things out now that you can simply copy and paste, there’s no excuse for a boring profile. Just don’t overdo the bling!

Continue reading my other blog posts on this topic and get ready for my upcoming ebook on attracting people to your profile page.

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Comment by Thedy B on December 30, 2008 at 2:59am
Thank you Carmen for the kudos. I have had to put a stop to those type postings on my site because most ppl hate those so I understand!
Comment by Carmen of Tomoka's Twists on December 30, 2008 at 2:10am
Great post! What gets under my skin is when people leave their mini etsy on my page, knowing I have an etsy store. Also, people leaving glittery, gaudy, huge graphics that remind me of myspace.

Take care and Happy New Year!

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