How to Create eBooks People Want to Buy

The Problem: Slow eBook Sales
When I first started self-publishing and creating eBooks, I was all mixed up. I wanted to sell what I wanted to sell, whether people wanted to buy it or not *lol*. My hubby had a lot more experience in the retail industry than I did, so he kept telling me, “You can’t sell that one LaShanda, you have to sell the one that People Want to buy.” Being the stubborn gal that I can sometimes be, I stuck to my guns and pitched the Books I wanted to sell, until I bought a vendor table at the Harlem Book fair and got the biggest shock of my life!

The Solution: Create eBooks that People WANT or NEED to Buy
At the time all I wanted to do was sell my educational guide for Black Parents and Students, but all everybody else wanted was my cute, children’s book! Of course you know the hubby gave me the “I told you so look!” And that’s when it hit me! Whether you are selling print books or eBooks, you have to sell what people want to buy, NOT what you want to sell.

At the Harlem Book fair I realized that people wanted to buy my African American Children’s Book, that was the definitely the best seller of the bunch. On the flip side, online, people really want to buy my how-to eBooks for Entrepreneurs. Many entrepreneurs want and need to know what I know, which is why my eBook sales continue to increase every month.

The Question: How do you increase your eBook Sales?
If you really want to know how to create eBooks that sell, I suggest reading the one eBook that tells it all, “Desperate Buyers Only” by Alexis Dawes. I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that this eBook was $77, but I grit my teeth and bought it because I NEEDED to hear what Alexis had to say and honestly, my purchase is a testament to her point. When you cater to desperate buyers, people who have problems that you can really fix, they are the easiest people to sell to because Need and Desire trump price every time.

Trust me when I say, simply knowing that you need to sell to desperate buyers, is not enough. In order to understand the system behind steady and increased eBook Sales, you have to read the book, “Desperate Buyers Only”. While you are reading, you feel like Alexis is taking you by the hand and giving you an all access, step by step understanding of how eBook Sales and Internet Marketing actually work.

As soon as you start, on the very first page, Alexis jumps into the how and why of creating eBooks that sell. She breaks down how you can:
  1. Find a Profitable Topic and a Target Audience who wants to Buy what You are Selling
  2. She Details Her Own Sales Copy, so you can see how to write down your pitch
  3. She goes over pricing and how you can charge big bucks for Free content
  4. She shows you how to research your topic and really connect with your buyers
  5. Plus her system can truly be applied to any Internet Marketing System, not just selling eBooks
If you seriously want to learn how to create eBooks and sell eBooks, this one is a must buy. The price ain’t pretty I know, but 3 eBook Sales at $20 a pop just about covers the cost. Plus it sets you up for more sales in the future. Here is the website link for Desperate Buyers Only eBook.

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Additional Tip: Use E-Junkie for ebook delivery and your affiliate program. It all ties into PayPal (or other payment processors) and it’s only $5 a month.

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

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Comment by Carmen Clark on June 1, 2009 at 1:15am
This was some very useful information. Thanks.

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