This is the month of love. Yes it’s Valentines Day, but more importantly this is the month that was set aside to celebrate and honor Black History. During this month we hear and see lots of programming that chronicles the ups and downs of the black community, both past, present and future. But should we stop there? Should this be the only time that we really dig deeply into what’s ailing us or what we can do to uplift and better our community.Should this be the only time that we celebrate our accomplishments and the great inventors that are within our community? I believe we need to celebrate who we are on a daily basis. We should shout from the masses how proud we are to be who we are and where we have come from. We should teach our children, so they can teach their children and their children’s children how we come from and are a great, resilient group of people. We should look back and honor our ancestors and our elders who endured slavery, Jim Crow laws, lynchings, no voting rights, segregated water fountains, sitting in the back of the bus, segregated schools…the list goes on. They marched, went to jail, some were killed, but all have endured so that we could have a better day. We are now free to own businesses, eat and drink where we want, live where we want and yes we can vote, and have our vote count! Yes We Can! We are not where we should be, but we are definetly a lot better than we were.

So how do we find the love we want? Look in the mirror, it starts with you; it starts with me. Let go of the poor self image that we sometimes hold onto. Let go of the negative view others may have towards us. Let go of the negative self talk we give ourselves. Let go of the fear and the word Can’t. Each of us have a unique purpose. We have been given an assignment to carry out. We have been blessed with talents and gifts. Let’s use them to uplift, inspire, encourage and empower ourselves as well as others.

So where is that love? It’s within us. We are that love we’ve been looking for. Love your curves, so what they are a little bigger than last year. Love your full lips, love your curly hair. Enjoy and embrace your unique beauty you have inside and out. We can’t expect to receive love if we don’t give it; and we have to start with giving it to ourselves first. This February let’s walk in an abundance of love, let’s celebrate who we are and who we are evolving into. Let make new history. Let’s send ourselves roses and candy on Valentines Day. Let’s be the love we are searching for.

“I have learned not to worry about love, but to honor its coming with all my heart”
~Alice Walker (African-American writer and poet)

Imagine Life...Be Empowered...Live on PURPOSE!

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