How to get Print and Direct Mail Advertising working for you at low cost

Hello community,

You must advertise!!!! 

What to advertise with and where is always the perplexing question, since you can not spend the 

same dollar twice. 

I have found a simple and effective way to identify when advertising method works best for you, is to use a product that provides the benefits of both direct mail and print. 

See with direct mail, you have your readers attention.

With Print you are sharing the readers attention ( actually you are trying to capture the readers attention from the other advertisers). 

Which method should I use. I suggest both in one. 

Take your advertisement and "build" it like a direct mail piece. Then place your ad in a print publication. 

This is a great way to test ( umm you do test your ad copy, right? ) a direct mail piece effectiveness before you do a mass mailing. You can let the print pub "act" as one mailer. The print pub will reach many. Based on that response you can decide which method would be best for you. 

Direct mail can be very costly!!

Print publishing help you minimize that cost

Keep this in mind, the "rules " of advertising do not change for either delivery method. 

Using to print publishing to refine your advertising piece will increase the effectiveness of 

your direct mail method. 

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