How Women Can Make Networking Connections In Their Community

The single most successful way to network is with the parents of your children's friends. For those women that have children in elementary and high school, events associated with those schools, are basically an open invitation to network. The PTA is probably one of the best overall groups a woman can join, to successfully network with other like-minded parents associated with the group. Be extremely active and vocal in the meetings, make your presence known. Get involved in fundraising, either by suggesting a fund raising event or participating in a scheduled one.


Any school sponsored activity that your child regularly attends, i.e. organized sports, cheer-leading, music events, plays, is a great way to network with the relative captive audiences that accompanies the students.  Whenever there is a call for a need for parents to volunteer for activities, (i.e., fundraising, sports, chaperoning) or whatever and whenever there is an opportunity to lend a hand, be the first to do so. Right out of the gate you have something in common with the people you will find at these events, they have children that go to your child's school too. Commonality is the strongest selling point, it makes no difference what the product is, yourself or a house. When you go to these events, make sure you talk to people there, about you, and your current skills or services, and what you are working on, and future projects. Make sure you have an ample supply of professionally done business cards with you. 


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