I wonder if the small to midsize commercial tenant don’t care, don’t understand or just don’t realize the options that are available to them. In my 9+ years in the commercial real estate property management, lease administration and leasing I can count the number of small to midsize commercial tenants that have come into the office for various important issues on one hand. I am glad they dropped in even though they didn’t have a clue what they were looking for or what to ask for.
There is talk about the economy and cut backs. Although, this is true, but what about the savings right under the commercial tenant’s nose? That they give away every year. In my experience majority of small to midsize tenants do not ask questions, research and follow-up on various issues. I can count the small commercial tenants on one hand that I have come to the office in my 9+ years. Big department stores and corporations have legal or special departments to take care of issues for them. And believe me they are on it. I have seen thousands they have put back in their pocket and not in the landlord’s account. Exercising their options, reviewing documents and asking questions are their top priority when it comes to finding savings to keep their cost to a minimum. Why are the small to midsize tenants not concerned or implementing the same protocol to save on their bottom line? Maybe, the cost to hire someone is expensive or the assumption the landlord knows what they are doing.
Like I said I can count on one hand the number of small to mid size commercial tenants that review the landlord records for accuracy, that question repairs that are passed on to them, that question the budget, repair expenses or the landlord’s processes and procedures. Sad, because the large companies question everything I mean everything and they review and compare…thus saving them thousands of dollars every year.
It is time for the small to midsize commercial tenant to awake, know their options and identify their savings. No longer should they be identified as ‘Oh, them, I can count them on one hand’.
I have held my peace and now I must speak, help has arrived for the small to midsize commercial tenant. At a fraction of the cost you would pay someone. $24.99 Check out my book ’10 Commandments for Dealing w/Landlords – What U the Commercial Tenant May Not Know?’. The book is based on real situations and give tenants a foundation for interacting with the landlord before, during and after tenancy.

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