This is going to be a long one, so get your popcorn:

I had to, I had to switch my way of thinking and start thinking "outside the box." I had to let go of the thought that a regular 9 to 5 J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) was going to bring me future stability. If anyone has ever seen the movie "The Matrix" you will know that it is a true metaphor of how this "system" really is, whether it be from a religious standpoint or a "system" one. Let me explain what I mean:

First of all it is instilled in us throughout life to just get through school and if we choose, college (so we can find a great paying job into the 6 figure range) and work for someone else, so that we can get a paycheck to make ends meet. I am not talking about the people wise enough to be the owners of their own businesses, nor am I coming down on people who want to work for others but little did we know, the owners of the company we work for are making all of the money. The Management is making more than we are, the upper Management is making more than the Management, etc. As "peons" we just go to work to get paid and live on what someone else says we deserve to earn.

We spend the majority of our time working for someone else and in this day and age, more than one income is key to help us survive. Now I am not talking about those who live on high salaries and can make it with just one job, I am talking about those that are making $30,000 or less per year. In the state I live in, $30,000 is more like $15,000 after taxes, medical and dental costs, not to mention life insurance costs. Plus we have to pay the other bills, right? The heat bill, the electric bill, the grocery bill, water bill (I will never understand that one), if we own a home, the mortgage, if we rent, the rental bill, if we own a car that is not paid off (I won't get a new one until mine decides to turn around and slap me for being so dog on OLD!), the car note, then there is car insurance, etc. I mean I could go on and on.

I remember when, because of medical bills and being out of work for a long period of time, I had to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I felt like my life was a mess and once I was back to work, I was working to pay off whatever I could and still had to have money left over to help with household bills. I had been deeply in debt and felt like I earning a paycheck working for someone else was the only way to survive. I was too lazy to figure out that there had to be something else.

Then it hit! I found out about Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). I was first exposed to MLM back in the late 80's, early 90's by one of my friends who had a Mary Kay party. I volunteered to have my makeup done and it was fun. Of course the MK Rep um, did not do a good job on my makeup. But I just shrugged it off because I was having such a good time. I started attending different parties for different friends. There was Aloette and Partylite (I love their stuff) just to name a few more. I always had fun and placed orders, but at that particular time, I did not think that joining one of those companies was right for me. So what did I do? Yes, I stayed in the same mentality of going to work every day just to earn a paycheck.

Not was I stuck inside the box, but I was also experiencing something new. The onset of Graves Disease which kept me out of work for a long time.

Years went by before I caught wind of the industry again. I was working the J.O.B. (Just Over Broke) and doing what I needed to do to get by. Then all of the sudden I was introduced to Jafra Cosmetics and I had a party, loved the lady who conducted it (she was GOOD) and joined her team. I was a newbie and well, I needed a little hand holding. My Sponsor did her very best with me and pointed me in all the right directions but I lacked the willingness to succeed. I was still in that dazed state of mind of living "paycheck to paycheck".

I did not even attempt to read anything as regards to personal development, I did not market myself like I should have, NOBODY came to my Business Launch party so I got discouraged, I did not put myself out there like I should have and get in front of and talk to as many people as possible. I did not stay plugged in and get the training I needed either. It was MY fault and I quit, so I failed.

Guess what? I stayed home for a while to be with my new baby and then because of bills and rising costs, I went back to the good ole' 9 to 5 exchanging time for dollars, living paycheck to paycheck and on top of that I got very sick and in came the onset of Thyroid Storm (the Graves Disease had gone into remission for a period of time), so I was out of work for a while again.

O.K. ok enough about all that. I started to get really serious about what was going on in my life and I knew I needed to do something different. I knew that I did not want to work for someone else for the rest of my life. Something had to give, something had to change. Then out of nowhere a good friend of mine told me about a company called Warm Spirit. I had remembered reading about this company and the one of the Founders named Nadine Thompson and I liked what I saw, but I was so deep in the box that I could not wake up to the opportunity. Now, since my friend had joined and wanted me to, I decided to.

But guess what? Yes, another draw back, only this time it was personal. I was married and going through some very serious marital problems. Those problems also caused a great deal of depression for me and there went my Warm Spirit business, right down the drain. I made my marital problems an excuse. More time went by.......

FINALLY after all this and some more years later I CHANGED, I changed my mindset and started doing some research on Multi-Level Marketing. I did some real research. Something kept drawing me back to it. Was it calling my name? Or was I just hearing things? Because of my background in Cosmetology, I decided to join a new MLM company called Color Me Beautiful. WOW! I was learning the business now. I had a fantastic Sponsor in that company as well, but I was still a little wet behind the ears and life, once again got in the way. I separated from my husband for a short period of time with no job (yes out of work again) and went back to my parents house with a toddler. I tried so hard to work that business and I did o.k. I had a nice team going and was good at what I did, but I could not get what was going on in my personal life, out of the way. I pulled out of the business. I had to go get a job.

AS you can see, my mindset changed, if only a little bit. I knew MLM was the industry for me, but in this case, the timing was not right for me. There were two other companies I joined before finally finding the RIGHT ONE AT THE RIGHT TIME and that was LMS Fragrances and Freelife International (yes I still drink the GoChi Juice because it works). I only left LMS Fragrances because it wasn't the right one for me. I am now only a customer for Freelife.

I can NOW SAY THAT I HAVE FINALLY JOINED THE RIGHT COMPANY AT THE RIGHT TIME IN MY LIFE. The drama is gone. My health is great (the Graves Disease has been in remission for 3 years now due in part to the nutritionals I am taking, including the GoChi juice) I am marketing online and offline. I have read a lot of personal development materials and continue to do so so that I can grow and stay in the RIGHT mindset and I have grown a very nice sized team of business partners who are "in the water with me" sort of speak.

I am like the character Neo in that movie The Matrix. I decided to take a chance because someone thought enough of me to open the door to this amazing industry. It took me a while to get used to the idea having made excuses by letting life get in the way, but now that I am traveling down that rabitt hole, I want to see just how far it goes. Now that I woke up, I know that now I am in total control.

Tanya Fussell
Managing Associate ID# 673
Soul Purpose Lifestyle Company

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Comment by Deirdre Adams on December 20, 2008 at 5:01pm
Tanya you are an inspiration to us all! I too have a tendency of letting life get in my way. We all have goldmines in our hands, it's what we do with them that will make us successful.

Soul Purpose IBO #147
Comment by Daphne R. Stephens on December 18, 2008 at 9:18pm
What an inspiring testimony.

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