If He Makes You Cry Then He’s Not The One For You

When it comes to finding the right guys it can be kind of tricky knowing if a guy is going to treat you good or not. I see it this way, you know from the beginning if the relationship is worth perusing or not. Any guy that constantly makes you sad is not worth keeping around; and why as women we do I will never know [I’m guilty of doing so I must admit].

The thing that happens a lot is we fall hard for a guy but he don’t got any “act right” so what’s result in this instead of moving on we try to make it work and in doing so, we are forever in our room all alone, crying, listening to sad music, writing poetry that’s pages are soaked in our tears, and forever wondering what we can do to make him act the way we want him too. BUT WHAT THE F**K FOR, I mean really, if he’s making you cry now because he’s flirting with other girls in front of you, or forever not returning your phone calls, not texting you back for 5hrs at a time; what it is that’s really making you keep him around. Is it because you don’t want to be alone? Or are you just not trying to face the reality that he’s not ready to settle and wants to still be a little player? Whatever it is its clearly not helping your emotions stay in control. What’s the point in living on an emotional rollercoaster because of a male that clearly is not stressing over you, but has all the control when it comes to your happiness?

I find it funny how girls will take the fact that they are crying and upset over some guy that they just met and just charge it to the game; BUT when it comes to making that same guy mad or upset you wana get all worried and be like “I think I made him mad” or “I think I made him jealous” and then are wondering how to fix what you did….. ya, I don’t see the point in that either, if he don’t care that your upset and crying then why are you caring that’s he has his dick in a bundle. If you are able to tell him how you feel and he get mad and try to flip it on you and be like your making him mad, what’s the point and even having the convo with him.

If all women would take a second and STOP giving their “other half’s” excuses for their misbehaviors and just take it for what it is [them fucking up] there would be a lot less moodiness, a lot less tears, a lot less stress, and a whole lot more damn common since. I mean lets be real they can make up their own excuses for why they are acting the way that they are, and they already are but all we are doing is helping it out and pleading their case for them. Ladies stop fighting with yourself and be on your own team for once. TRUST you will see a WHOLE lot of things differently.

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