This is a little something i came up with last night...

I'm a collector
I collect words
I put them into sentences that make up paragraphs

I have so many paragraphs
they've made up interludes, synopsis and symphonies
they've made up thesis and elements of plays
Compositions and chapters
I must say

My chapters have become books
Exotic creative books
books about love
to entertain your mind
speak to you deep inside

The collection has grown vast in numbers
i change them around utilizing syllables and nouns
actively using verbs, synonyms, titles, expressions and devise theories
Even create and emphasize mystery or premise movie lyrics, answer questions, create views
they make statements even languages
they're academically renown
i can propose arguments that downbeat dialect

i have so many words now
i can barely keep them from forming new words
with vocabulary, grammar and promunication resound
i make up words merging old and new
transforming and translating endings then - vola!
I've created one that's new

i love my words
so i share them with you
to make you too appreciate literature
and that is what i do

i'm a collector
i collect words
so if words be the feast of life - read on!
mental stimulation being the bread of man kind
fulfilling dreams
making men kings
inevitable unimaginable endings
make you want more
so we will all be fed
because my words knows no end

Dale ♥

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