Is Blogging for Profit Still an Option?

At one point or another, every aspiring internet entrepreneur is going to hear something about ‘blogging for profit’. Basically all that means is that your make money from your blog. Generally speaking bloggers make money from ad programs like Google Adsense and/or by promoting affiliate products for a commission. Of course, the more seasoned bloggers maximize the profit of their blogs by also using them as spaces to sell their own products (like ebooks, membership subscription websites, coaching, etc.).

Blogging for profit is a big thing online, so for as many experts as you’ll find to tell you that you should blog , you will also find bloggers who tell you that it’s no longer an option because there so much competition. Many of those bloggers either think there is no longer any money to be made as a blogger or they never knew how to make money blogging to begin with. I personally think that blogging for profit will always be a viable option for entrepreneurs trying to make money online.

Yes there will always be competition out there (especially if you are trying to blog about a popular topic like ‘making money online’ or ‘celebrity gossip’ or something along those lines). But I believe one thing will never change, no matter what entrepreneurial venture you choose. Regardless of the competition, if you focus on consistently blogging your opinions and developing a loyal group of readers, you’ll always have an opportunity to profit because your loyal readers want to follow you, click your links, and buy the things that you promote.

I believe that profit means different things to different people. Would you be happy generating a few hundred dollars from your blog? Or are you aiming to become a six figure blogger? I honestly think that you can make as much money as you want blogging if you understand that the success of your blog is solely dependent on you. If you can write well enough to attract a unique group of people who find the content in your blog consistently valuable they will follow you, invest in the products or services you recommend, and ultimately help to create your own personal ‘blogging for profit success story’.

I use my blog mainly as a space to promote my products and build my authority as a web expert. I freely sharing what I know about making money online and that helps me make more money online. In the process I make extra money blogging via Adsense, affiliate links, and direct sales from my products. Blogging for profit will always be an option for me, but do you think it can work for you?

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