A Message from BBWO Small Business Expert Richelle Shaw:

It’s time for my business but I am really nervous and scared!

As the premier expert in business building I meet with entrepreneurs weekly about how to build their million dollar business and even though we focus the majority of the time on different strategies to grow their businesses we always end up working on their head too.

Today my coaching client told me that she is scared. So when I pressed her, tell me what you are scared about, she was really at a loss for words. She could not articulate what she was scared about. Then, she said, well, its that I am really shy and putting myself out there is scary. I have lots of clients, plenty of people to buy my products and I have made money, but if I just had a spokes model to sell my products!

She said Richelle, I bought all of the promotional products, I have pens, I have business cards, I have lots of marketing materials but I have not reached out there and started selling like I can. I am keeping my day job and focusing on the dream not the reality.

I felt for her, I understand exactly how that happens. Once again, I go back to the weight loss issue. Every time I get ready to lose weight, I buy lots of products to assist me… just like she buys the pens, cards and postcards… BUT the reality is that you have to do something.

Here are my suggestions to break out of your shell, earn the money that you deserve.

1. As far as having a dream, Acknowledge that it is fun to live in Hollywood but realize that it is Hollywood. It is not real. I think you should have dreams but you must construct a plan to implement the dream. The difference between a dream and a goal is the goal has action plans, the dream you actually wake up one day still in the same place.

2. It is easy to keep dreaming because you never have to act on it, plus everything is perfect in the dream. The response rates from your marketing are great, the sales are earth moving. It is based on what you think, now what you know.

3. As far as being shy, Use the Beyonce example and become Sasha Fierce! Create a new persona to run your company and be the face of your business. Have someone create a cartoon and use that on your website and in your mailings so that it’s Sasha that is out there not you.

Finally, aren’t you tired of being right where you are. Make a change. No matter if you succeed or fail, at least you are not stuck.

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Won’t you make this change today!

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Richelle & LaShanda

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Comment by Rickey on December 10, 2008 at 2:30am
this info is on point. here another little tidbit, its ok to know you are not ok. new circumstance requires new approaches. yes, not feeling ok is a good sign you are ok. you are conscious, making a move, breaking mental restraint, getting going, oh yeah. most of the mountains we "see" turn out to be small hills that can be climbed. take that first step and the second will follow ( look ma, I am walking )

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