Lease freakin' you out ... well you are not alone and if the lease doesn't freak you then something is definitely wrong.  The lease as we know is a complex document and it is meant to be that way.  It is full of legalese and I can say in my 10+ years of being in the commercial real estate leasing, lease administration and property management industry of reviewing leases I have yet to see a simple lease.  The lease is so complex that major companies hire its own legal and accounting departments to handle its lease issues.  So, if the major companies takes such precaution where does that leave the little man.  Think about  all the commercial tenants, landlords and property management companies that don't have these resources or for that matter who are clueless.  Yes, the lease should freak' people out - it is so convoluted.


How do we get pass this over rated document?  Knowledge, preparation and prevention should always at the forefront when addressing any concern dealing with the lease.  The 5 W's, how and if should always be addressed in each provision prior to executing the document.


A simple notice provision, as it may seem, could trigger default, litigation and fees.  How?  To not send notices as specified, not in the t time frame, etc.  Yes, a simple notice provision could trigger a disaster if misunderstood or overlooked.


Yes, the lease should be freakin' u out, if you are not knowledgeable, prepared and able to implement prevention measures to stop you from being in a bad situation.  You shouldn't learn about the the various situations your lease can put you in as you go, but prior to ... through research.  Believe me it pays off.


In truth knowledge is expensive and very few people are giving this kind of knowledge away.  And the profit margin is high for the attorney, accountant, property management company, etc. which stand to gain through individuals not being knowledgeable of the lease, the situations that revolve and/or may revolve around the lease.   Yes, the lease should be freakin' u out.


I know the lease can freak the tenant, landlord and property management company out having been in the role of the property management company/landlord and tenant ... that is why I can honestly relate and talk to all parties and tie these roles together and say one does not work without the other. 


Don't let the lease freak u out.  Study to show yourself approved, not ashamed and able to speak up for yourself.

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