I dreamed I heard a trumpet sound and I fell down to my knees
I remembered the things my mother said as I stumbled for my keys
And then a thought appeared to me that I have no place to go
If I'd only listened when she said you'll reap whatever you sow
Those empty nights of swearing loud and partying with my friends
Those other nights I shunned off church accepting what was sin
It never did occur to me that this one day would come
But now I bow and praise His name the One who I abstained from
Those awful cries and horrific screams people running all around
The things I saw I can't explain there were creatures so profound
"Lord is this real?" I shout out loud as I try to find my way
Then I heard a still calm voice "its I to whom you pray"
Amazing as I paused to think how I took His love for granted
He is the One the Mighty King the creator of this whole planet
I look around to my despair as I heard others call His name
I guess it took this Judgment Day to see God's name proclaim
A beautiful sight I saw his face it would forever stay in my mind
I just can't believe that It came to this cause now I'm left behind
I woke up as I heard my alarm surprised at one more chance
I started to pray tears filled my eyes my heart begin to dance
Please know this poem was made for you and it found you just in time
A once lost soul who now found Christ no longer left behind

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