Live Streaming is an Amazingly Fast Way to Convert...But Do You Have What It Takes To Pull It Off?

I did not start my business on Periscope, one of the fastest growing live stream applications in the world. But, I will tell you that it has helped me to grow my business in amazing ways. My social media reach has completely sky rocketed. I have more clients, and I am able to convert them at an extremely high rate. Before, I would onboard a new client a couple of times a month. Now, it is more like every couple of days! It is absolutely amazing. I took the extensive skills that I had as a corporate trainer, instructional designer, marketer, and coach and transferred them to Periscope. I could not believe the growth.

I average 100 new followers every week. And, trust me, I had little or now live streaming or social media background. I made a few mistakes early on and learned some valuable lessons. In order to really use live streaming effectively, I have found that it takes three key things: a strategy, a great topic, and crucial feedback once you get started. I mentor entrepreneurs how to use the power of live streaming to build businesses around their courses for long-term sustainable growth. Here's a link to one of my scopes where I have almost 700 people come on live. I made $2938 within an hour of this scope.Click here to watch it. If you are ready to get off the sidelines, schedule some time on my calendar, so I can help you develop a strategy for totally up level your business using live streaming. Follow me on Periscope @kdcoursebuilder. I broadcast Monday through Friday. Now, let's Crush Your Course


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