BOOK TOUR: JAN 15 ~21 


 Summary Of Book:
Who says that money can't buy happiness?
Rae Crenshaw and her best friends, Patrice Walker and Telly Sanders are three loose, financially deprived young adults who spend most of their lives selling their bodies to any man who's willing to pay. Everything is great until Punch-Patrice Walker decides that she's worth much more than a measly few dollars and takes her game to another level-and that's a big mistake. Rae needs some extra cash, and as submissive as she is, she embraces Punch's idea to steal from the men they sleep with. However, Ozell Jenkins, a big time drug dealer isn't having that. He's up to no good and Rae intends to find out what it is, only her plans to expose Ozell for what he is leads to a shocking discovery. An entire part of her life that she never knew about unfolds before her very eyes....







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love is blind book tour

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