Just as the eyes are the window to the soul and a flawless complexion creates a perfect canvass upon which all other makeup is set to enhance or accentuate one's beauty, beautiful lips donning the correct lip color that complements the masterpiece which is the beautifully made face is easily done when one selects lip color according to their skintone. You simply need to know whether you are warm or cool. It matters not whether one is fair, redheaded, brunette, blonde,tan, brown etc… as women of any of these groups may be either cool or warm. This is easily done by looking at the underside of the wrists. Green veins are likely warm and blue veins are cool. When it cannot easily be determined whether veins are green or blue or if both are visible then one is considered beige or neutral and either lip color family is appropriate, both warm and cool for this fortunate group of individuals.
Warm Colors Coral, Peach, Copper,Brick, Bronze, Brown, Brick Red, Melon, Salmon, Burnt Orange, , Red with golden tones, and tanned pinks all are examples of warm lip colors. These are often most flattering on women with warm eg. golden, yellow, olive, and peach undertones but are also worn well by women with beige or neutral complexions.

Cool Colors Pink, Raspberry, Fushia, Cool Pink Lavender, Plum, Rose, Strawberry, Crimson, Amethyst, Lilac, Reds with blue undertone and Mauves all comprise examples of cool toned lip colors that wear beautifully on women with cool, pink, blue, and beige or neutral undertones.

Often women with Olive complexions find that many of these colors work quite well with their complexions too. Warm and cool tones tend to fall into two groups. The warm tones tend to be earthy with metallic colors such bronze, copper or gold or fruit names like peach and melon.
Cool tones tend to contain the names of berries, which are often shades of pink or purple or reds with blue undertones.

Warm and cool women can both wear red lipstick but the true red is usually blue in tone while women with warm undertones will do best with warm reds. Blue or true toned lip colors have the advantage of making teeth appear whiter and it has been said that women tend to prefer cool or neutral reds while men are more drawn to women wearing warm red toned lip colors.

The key to selecting the most flattering lip color for you is to select according to your undertone.

Our lip glosses do more than give you shine and color, they contain essential oils and natural butters to provide you with nourishing botanical ingredients to optimize your lips health and beauty. We flavor our lip products naturally with oils such as vanilla and mint which have been shown to increase happy feelings; citrus oils which give a boost of energy; rose and lavender which are perfect for calming and soothing stressed nerves. Warm and cool shades apply to your lip gloss choices as they do your lipsticks. Choose colors one shade lighter or darker than your favorite lipsticks for an extra layer of light-loving color, or wear them alone for a natural, pretty look.

While lip color is important so is the protective measure of both removing and smoothing your lips with both an exfoliater followed by a protective moisturizing balm. We carry 2 wonderful products that will help you achieve both of these goals. .. Our lip scrubber which is formulated with cane sugar, Mango Butter, Lavender, Mint and other nourishing ingredients will help you to easily remove roughened skin from your lips revealing smooth beautiful soft lips. This will not only help your lip color to apply more evenly and smoothly but you will find that it will last longer and if bleeding lip color is a problem or feathering, this step of exfoliating will greatly reduce or even eliminate this by reducing thickened or lined skin around and on the lips – areas which can cause lip color and glosses to gather and give an unflattering look. Also our 4 lip butter balm is a wonderful protective lip treatment that not only serves to heal and sooth your lips but makes a great moisturizing base for your lips prior to applying either lipstick, lip creams, or even lip glosses. Used nightly as a lip treatment you will find that your lips are better conditioned and experience less chapping. From Day to Evening Typically your daytime lip color should be softer than your nighttime or evening lip color look. With loose mineral lip powders you can easily deepen or add drama to your evening lip look by simply applying a touch of mineral blush or eye shadow (barring blues and greens) to your lips either prior or following adding your lip color. A touch of colored or sheer gloss on top of this and you've not only created an evening look but have added a new color to your cosmetic collection. If you've chosen to amp up your eye look you may opt to add a touch of gold or silver glow mineral powder to the center of your lips, both top and bottom, as this will complement, soften, and balance even a dark dramatic lip color. Or wear a gloss for day and add a lipstick for night. Another option is to wear gloss by day and lipcream or lipstick by night.

At EGMINERALS we carry a very wide variety of lip colors, textures, and finishes. All are formulated with natural ingredients such as Mango Butter, Virgin Olive Oil, and essential oils to not only add color and beauty to your lips but to provide them with protective moisturizing oils and butters to keep them in prime condition. Our aim is to provide quality premium natural cosmetics at affordable prices to all women worldwide! Please visit our website at

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