Make Money Online By Creating Your Own Membership Subscription Website

A membership subscription website is an exclusive space in which people pay you for the ability to access your content, which is usually articles, audio, video, eBooks, and other forms of digital media. Membership websites are generally built on social networking or blogging platforms so that you can either build a space for your members to interact among themselves or a space in which you can easily showcase frequently updated content.

Generally speaking, the kinds of membership subscription websites that are most successful are either highly entertaining or very informative. If you are going to create one, focus on connecting a specific target audience to valuable information that’s either hard for them to find via search engines or non-existent. If you can create a membership subscription website filled with valuable, in-demand content, people will pay you for the privilege of access.

There are a ton of different products and services online that you can use to build your own membership subscription website. The most popular product of them all is aMember Professional, a flexible membership and subscription management PHP script. It has support for PayPal, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net and other payment systems. You can easily track your members and send them updates via email or auto-responders. Moreover, you and your members can easily modify their account settings using the automated payment systems. You can purchase aMember professional for less than $200, but if you’re on a very small budget, it’s not your own option.

You can also create your own membership subscription website on ‘build your own social network’ platforms like and Both of these services allow you to easily create your own space, for free, without knowing html or needing programming skills. Each service also offers paid premium features that you can use to enhance your website, but only has a built in subscription setup feature and does not. If you opted to use, you would have to manually create a subscription program by combining a payment system like (Paypal) with your Ning network. The downside of using a free platform like Ning is that you would have to manually update member cancellations and upgrades.

If you are interested in profitable ways to generate residual income online, creating your own membership subscription website is an opportunity worth looking into. Just keep in mind that if you do decide to build your own space, you have to focus on giving people what the pay for. Aside from making a profit, your first priority should always be building quality content and creating a loyal following online. That is the only way you’ll be able to effectively market and maintain a successful membership subscription website.

Example Membership Subscription Websites that I have created:

  1. Social Media Sistas
  2. Web Tech Gurl
  3. Business Women of Color

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Comment by Ms. Olivia Dixon-Williams on June 29, 2010 at 10:15am
Great Information LaShanda as always.... I am some what on track in making my dream a reality and you and info has been a great influence....

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