Book Scholarship winner...
Mahogney Ink Publications is proud to announce our first book scholarship recipient. The winner is Mr. Kasey Saulsberry. He attends Prairie View A&M and is majoring in civil engineer. Congratulations Kasey and keep up the good work!

Upcoming Releases

Re-release A Diamond For A Diva coming 03/10/10!
Is a tale of four high maintenance DIVAS who have everything an average woman could want in life except for true love. These women are all one year away from turning the big 30 without a man in sight for miles so they rekindle an old college bet to see who will get married first.

Revenge Of The Cheating Mistress coming April 2010!
Putting your heart and soul into a relationship then finding out your man is cheating will cut you deep. The emotions will take your mind to a place that no woman should go. You immediately want to pull out a blade, stalk him, fight him, bust his windshield, cut his tires, scratch his paint job, bust a cap in his butt and beat up the mistress if she knows about you. Basically, the only thing that can give you peace is Sweet Revenge.

Through My Spectacles coming 06/15/2010!
I can be your left-handed intellect but my right hand is stronger
My ambidextrous talents should overwhelm your senses knowing that my mental is stronger than my hand's caress.
Which hand do you want?
We are too young for my left, so grab the right for reassurance
Grab the left when you realize i'm the F*** Best
and when you need me to lead you to a place full of deafening harmonious sounds
grab both my hands
close your eyes, feel gravity's release while we travel to cloud nine
as long as you hands are intertwined with mine....

Mahogney Ink Publications
"Bringing A New Twist To Urban Publishing"

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