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Teen Girls Need (and DESERVE) L. O. V.E. Speaks To The Mind & Heart,

This review is from: Teen Girls Need L.O.V.E. (Paperback)

Who doesn't want to feel special? No matter what we say, everyone wants to be understood, appreciated and loved. Sometimes, though, we get so lost and absorbed in ourselves to notice the younger ones that are coming up after us and the guidance they need. For them, especially the young girls, author S. Dodson has written TEEN GIRLS NEED L.O.V.E.

The book uses the author's own background and experiences as a way of addressing the fact of how alone some might feel in their experiences, there are others around who understand the challenges they are facing. Whether it is peer pressure or just growing into your own skin, the book allows the readers to not just take in the information but share their own voice on the pages as well. The author even goes into the top of moving forward in life, making plans for the future and understanding that goals and success are different for everyone.

I understand S. Dodson's reason for directing this book to teen girls, but I believe that young men can relate to what she says as well. I especially appreciated the time she took to talk about the importance of being careful about those in your inner circle and the voices we allow to shape the things we say and do. Negative energy is contagious, and if young people or adults for that matter engage in unhealthy association, it will do much to destroy their relationships with others and even themselves.

Presented thoughtfully and with practical points that are easy to understand and apply, TEEN GIRLS NEED L.O.V.E is a winner that speaks to the mind and the heart of the reader.

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