This past year has been a year of lessons.  I have learned so much about determination and being focus and creating a vision and relying on my creator to make it through.  Earlier in the year I was complacent with my employment and my lifestyle over all.  Then one day, my knee went out completely, I hit the ground and thought "what do I do now".  Shortly after I had the most painful surgery/recovery in my life and then I got depressed over whether I would get back to my normal physical activity.  Then to top it off, when I went back to work,my manager had spent the whole 2 months I was off sabotaging my work, character and reputation.  I was devastated, the work environment I went back to became a prison and I was in a full leg brace feeling down and out.  But through it all, I decided to change my attitude, during my therapy I amazed my physical therapist with my progress.  Shortly after returning to work, I went back to the gym and did modifications to my favorite exercises until I could do them as I used to.  The situation at work made me get serious about my entrepreneurial ambitions.   I started blogging more, networking more and reaching out to mentors to get guidance.  I also decided to get into direct selling, which is not natural for me but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and do it anyway.  I'm loving it and I'm part of a great company and family.  I've also had the opportunity to turn things around at work as well. I stayed prayerful and refused to let the Devil take over and retaliate over the wrongful actions against me.  I can now say six months later I feel stronger and more confident than ever and fear has no residence here.  I know fully that my healthy  father takes care of me and as long as I make the effort it gives him something to bless.

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