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I decided to start my blog with the new month of October. I'm feeling great because I have started this month and the best way. I now weigh less than I have ever weighed in my adult life. This is such an accomplishment for me. Although I have lost and kept a lot of pounds since 2003, I have had my share of battles. Sometimes I felt deprived and frustrated that I must be concerned with eating healthy and exercising. However, I realize after seeing the results I've been seeing, it is worth more than the cookies, cakes, donuts and pizza that I have passed up. The thrills of eating those are so temporary and the results and are not what I want, the extra weight, and clothes not fitting right.

On the other hand, eating healthy makes me feel physically better and more in control. I enjoy seeing the numbers going down on the scale, my clothes fitting like I want them to. Don't think that I'm obsessed with losing weight or trying to reach a ridiculously low number. I'm just getting closer to the healthy BMI which will no longer classify me as overweight.

Now that I've expressed my excitement, I want to know how or will you start your journey this month?

As my site suggests, start living today! It's well worth effort.

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