Ning is Not Free Anymore - How Can Network Creators make money with their networks?


I've been meaning to write this post for awhile now. When Ning announced they would be phasing out their free services and concentrating on paid subscribers (details here), I noticed a lot of my fellow network creators going into panic mode. Without getting all the details, some of them prematurely shut down their spaces and attempted to recreate free versions on facebook. I even saw members flee my own social network, BBWO, afraid that I would require them to pay membership fees. With all these questions and concerns brewing, a few of you have been asking me for advice about your own network: should you keep it and how do you generate money from your network to help keep it open.

The two things that I can say off the bat are definitely keep your network open and don't panic over the ning prices. If you can sell one $20 advertising package on your network per month, you can easily cover the cost of the new Ning Plus Plan. Truth be told, all my networks have been running on Nings premium plans for years, so I didn't panic because I've always been paying to host my own adverting on my spaces. Generating revenue from my social networks is a big part of my work at home income, so I've learned quite a bit about how this stuff all works.

Even though it seems like it all happened yesterday, I’ve been building social networks, specifically on the platform for 3 years. Collectively my top three social networks (Black Business Women Online, The Black Moms Club, and Black Writers Connect) have over 10,000 members and generate between $2,500 and $4,500 for me every month in Adsense Revenue, Ad Sales, etc.

Anticipating that I will continue to receive more emails from you guys about the new Network Plans, I created my latest eBook 'How to Make Money with Your Social Network' as the next chapter to my 'Create Your Own Ningalicous Network Series. In this eBook I share exactly how I make money via my social networks plus the different things that you can do to drive more traffic to your network.

You can click here to download this eBook + 2 others. As always, I have to give a gift to my early birds. Here is a $10 Off promo code that will work for the first 10 people to use it. Promo code: SNM10

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