Kat's Takeaways From Yesterday's Scope: Number One Reason Your Course Isn’t Selling Like You Want It To

It is very important that you understand your personal hits style. That is because you will be doing quite a bit of promoting of your, services, and courses. You will need to get comfortable with asking your audience to invest in your course. Here are some common pitch styles. See if you can pick out which one most accurately reflects your own personal style.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

This style typically go between very orderly to very aggressive. It may take a few minutes go between aggressive and 40. There tends to be two extremes. Audiences typically either respond with rate adoration because of the appearance of transparency and willingness to cut product their weaknesses.


The Girl Next Door

This style comes across as super nice. They seemingly give endlessly. The pitch is typically given by first asking the audience if it is all rights to offer them something. The audience typically responds in a positive way. The downside is that once you start off with the girl next door style, it is difficult to go to a more aggressive style later.


Cloak and Dagger

The cloak and dagger style is one in which the promoter first starts in a very matter of fact way. They typically have a very rupture way of delivering content. After delivering the content, the promoter then offers a strong argument for stand regarding purchasing the course. The audience typically appreciate that direct of approach that this style exhibits.


Please Baby Baby Please

This style typically sells a bit whiny and typically employees a guilt trip tactic to get the audience to register for the course. This tactic will work on some, but is not a long term strategy for pitching a product or course.


It is important to know that each one of these strategies can have good outcomes but also unintended consequences. We will be exploring this further this week in 1% mentorship group mastermind.

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