We are now in the middle of  January and have you begun working on your new year resolution?  I don't believe in resolutions. I think every day of your life you should try to change or do something different. You should always have new goals on a constant basis.

I will say this my new year has started slow,I am still trying to tie up loose ends from last year. I think by the middle of February I should be on the right track.

Now what did I learn from last year?

I learned that don't take everything for granted, things  and situations can stop or start without  your control or your doing.

We as business oriented people sometimes  can be too business and not enjoy what we do simply because we become so wrapped up in the bottom line. We forget what was all the hard work for.  I truly believe that we should not only have our own business because we don't want to work for others, but because we want to be happy in what we do through the   services or products we sell to others.

I understand that the bills are due employees have to paid, but without your hard work, your sleepless nights, and the many tears you have shed you would not be able to accomplish what you have now.


Maybe business is slow self-assure yourself that it will get better that is what I tell myself in all my situations, things will get better don't give up. You have a whole year to progress, change, reevaluate,create a bigger picture for yourself and your business.


So now that the party is over its time to get back to innovation, imagination, communication, motivation, education and do not leave out a great celebration.

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