OMG, it's time to make some new resolutions

Happy New Year, all! This promises to be an auspicious and prosperous one; I can feel it.

Last year was momentous and I saw many things come to pass which I thought I'd never see in my lifetime. Had some losses. Won some battles. Miss my niece who died too soon. Connected with family. My mother kicked breast cancer and my daughter is going to Columbia University. On the business front, I've got no complaints (other than slow paying folks with last minute changes. Don't they know that rebuilding an expandable ad unit is not the same as making a copy change or making some adjustments to strategy???!!)-- and my site is going to be awesome once all my partner initiatives, content integration and shopping app are added in the next couple of weeks. (Surviving all the Fashion Weeks, uploading 3000 images and coding a gallery to support all those pics is nothing compared to having to catch a pedicab in the driving rain like my friend Janet had to do to make it to key shows...And to think that madness starts again in a month..oy) But, I digress. I love what I do and I love being able to complain about not having enough time to do nothing. I love being busy and seeing my hard work come to life. I love producing and thinking and debating over which image we need to use because the amount of hair on a balding guy's head is not up to government standards! (Propecia is my client). I love the drama and the waiting and the discovery and the payoff. The winning and the losing. I've done some amazing things in my lifetime, and even in the midst of all the drama of '08, I still saw the hope, the sun, the moon and the stars and seized every moment. I was there in the middle of the State Office square at 125th and Adam Clayton Powell Blvd and I plan to carry the spirit of that night, and of last year, into this one and many more to come. That's it. That's my resolution, to go into this year with the same spirit with which I embrace every new year. Sure I'm anxious and no doubt will be stressed and bitchin' and moanin' about slow paying, indecisive clients, but I have my own thing and my own thing is a good thing. Nothing wrong with that.

I also promise to share more of myself and professional experience, entrepreneurial insights and just plain 'ole been- around-the-world and back wisdom with all who dare ask of me to simply-- share. Don't know if I was that good about it last year. But I promise to be more attentive to this community this go 'round. I owe it to myself, above all. There I made another resolution LOL

Thanks for your time. Hope you'll stop by my site Ideeli is now a partner and we'll have all sorts of great must-have deals and exclusive promotions. (I'll be doing an exclusive column for them as well). And the shopping section launches soon, complete with a virtual runway. And we have original web series and the best runway videos--current and best-of seasons past. That treat gets added this week and refreshes often. We'll even offer up some live shopping moments and a trend report to rival most. I'm excited (if you can't tell, and I promised not to use this community for shameless self-promotion LOL).

So that's it. I also made a resolution to keep it brief (!)

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