Most people don't really think that having a home career is really possible or they have heard of people trying and not succeeding. In most cases, it's not that the opportunity didn't work, perhaps it was that the individual didn't put effort into the opportunity.

Three reasons why people are skeptical:

#1 People are programmed: To Work A 9-5 JOB

Think about this... Most people's minds are programmed to work a 9-5 job, and in most cases live check to check. Because their parents, friends, neighbors and anyone they know works a 9-5 job, they think it is the only way to make income.

I think of an outside job like a fixed income, because you know what you are making from week to week. People go to their jobs and all they are doing is making someone else richer. One thing, I didn't like about working for someone else was the rules. You have to ask permission for time off. You can't go to work late or you may get in trouble. If you make an error, make personal calls or send personal emails, you would get reprimanded. My favorite part of working a job was I would work very hard all year long to get a 3%-5% raise. It was amazing that when you did something wrong the boss would point it out, but when you did something good they never appreciated your efforts.

It boils down to this... You go to work to make someone else richer, follow their rules, take orders, get reprimanded and never get paid what you are worth. THAT STINKS! Why do people think they have to settle for this? They settle for this because their brain is programmed to think that this is what they are supposed to be doing in life.

#2 People are programmed to look for fast money.

People wanting to work from home are attracted to the following:

1. Get Rich Deals -
Wanting to work from home but looking for a quick buck. When you talk with people that are desperate to work from home, you find they are looking for the fast buck and looking to get rich fast and they are more likely to fall into scams and be taken for their money. Ads like.. Make $10,000 tomorrow. Opportunities that are not real and the money are not realistic.

2. Looking for the simple opportunity and getting paid -
Most people want to work from home with something simple. Either it would be something entry level or something where they think they will make money by not doing anything. It maybe one of the these types of opportunities, envelope stuffing, assembly, typing, and data entry. 

3. Scams - People are attracted to scams. WHY? I have no clue. Maybe because they sound appealing to get the fast buck or maybe simple. BUT it is obvious something is a scam and people are more likely to invest their money into a scam without checking out the company first. This is very common! I think of people being attracted to scam which is a bad thing like a teen-age girl being attracted to a bad boy. We know it is bad but it makes us even more curious and we do it.

#3 People are programmed: To Be Closed Minded

People are programmed to be closed minded to work from home opportunities. I can not tell you how many people I talk too who shut down the idea of a home based business.

You hear people say, "I want to work from home, but I don't want a home based business." You will find many people don't even know what a home based business is. They think it is investing a lot of money and starting something from scratch or it is probably a scam if it is with a company.

People also think that investing money into something to work from home is a scam. Because you have to pay a start up cost in most cases; they say it is a scam. They will be more likely to say..."I shouldn't have to pay money to work for someone or a job." That is correct, you should NEVER pay a fee to work a job like typing, data entry or any other job. BUT a home based business is not a job, it is a career or something of your own. There is no way you can open a business without investing money, right? Well, it is the same concept, you cannot start a home-based business without investing something. You are investing into your future and in your career.

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