I know...I know! You don't need to use sex toys! You were born with the greatest sex toy ever! I've heard it all before. Most men just aren't comfortable discussing, let alone using a sex toys. But what you guys don't understand is this... Sex toys can help improve the quality of your sex life. From pumps to cock rings. A sex toy is more than just a huge, veiny dildo or some multi-speed pocket rocket. There's a whole world of toys out there designed specifically for men or for your pleasure. Let's discuss a few!

Erection Rings

For centuries rings have been used to enhance erections and delay ejaculation, prolonging intercourse. Also known as "cock rings," they come in all sizes and materials.

An erection ring works by slowing down the flow of blood out of the penis. The resuld is that erections often last longer and feel harder.

Rings are worn either at the base of the shaft, or around the penis and testicles. They should be put on after an erection is achieved to allow blood to flow into the penis. This is also done to make sure that the ring isn't pulled too tight.

When choosing an erection ring, it is very important to look for one that is easily adjustable or easily removable. Rings that have snap or Velcro closures are very easy to get off in case you start to feel pain or discomfort. They also often allow you to decide to wear it just around the shaft or around the balls as well.

Latex and silicone rings are easier to clean and often have the most subtle look.

Erection Ring Safety

Once an erection ring is on, it should only be used for 30 minutes. Longer usage may cause permanent damage to the penis. Wait a full houl after taking off the ring to use it again. Sometimes, a ring may cause reverse ejaculation. When this happens, the ejaculate travels backwards into the bladder. While this can cause temporary pain, ther is no permanant damage. If you are concerned about reverse ejaculate, consult a physician.

Cock & Ball Cages

Cages are more often used by fetishists and come in may varieties. Some are erection rings with an additional strap that separates the testicles. Others have an erection ring connects to another smaller ring that fits just below the head of the penis.

Sensation Rings

Some rings are designed to add stmulation for your partner during intercourse. Sensation rings are often simple textured rings worn at the base of the penis. some sensation rings vibrate. The vibrator is usually at the top of the ring designed to hit a woman's clitoris. But, the ring can be turned upside down so that vibes are concentrated at your testicles.


The penis is not nearly as sensitive to ingredients in lubricants as the vagina or anus can be. Theerefore, when it comes to masturbation, men are not limited by what their partners need. Warming lubes can heat things up! Massage lotions and body butters provide a smooth feel and protect against chafin. Silicone -based lubricants are thin as water and last the longest while making skin feel like silk. Each man prefers something different so try a few different options and see what works best for you.

Prolonging Creams and Sprays

Prolonging creams, gels, and sprays usually contain some sort of numbing agent like Benzocaine, Phenoxyethanol, or Elthyl Paba. They owrk by slightly de-sensitizing the penis so it is easier to control ejaculation. It is best to use these products along with condoms so that the ingredients doesn't harm your partner.


Many pumps have misleading advertisements claiming to increase the size of a man's penis. While pumps may draw more blood into the penis and give it the appearance of being a little wider, they absolutely do not have a permanent enlarging effect. Nothing short of surgery can achieve that.

Pumps are primarily used to launch an erection or as a masturbation aide. They work on a bacuum principle. The penis is placed in the pump. The mouth of the cylinder should create an air tight seal around the shaft. The pump pulls the air out of the cylinder creating a slight sucking sensation many find very pleasurable.

The actual pump part of the penis pumps come in three main styles. Pistol grips are shaped more like a gun with a trigger. Plunger pumps work like a bicycle pump. The final style is just like the kind of hand pump you see on sleeves doctors use to take your blood pressure.

Different pumps may have added features to enhance the experience. Many have inner sleeves to create a snug sensation lightly squeezing the penis. Men who use pumps as masterbation aides often find this to be a great bonus. Some pumps vibrate and have an added part inside the cylinder that cradles the penis head. These send pleasant vibes through the head and shaft.

Masturbation Sleeves

They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and even scents. Masturbation sleeves help to break the monotony of your normal masturbation routine. Some even have vibrators in them.

When choosing a vibrating sleeve, make sure to look for one where the vibrator is not at the back end where it may hit the penis during use and be very uncomfortable.

Aides For Oral Sex

There are many products created to make oral sex an even more mind-blowing experience! If your partner doesn't like t he taste of flavored lubes or an oral sex lotion; for a cooling, tingling sensation, Menthol gels will drive you wild! Flavored numbing gels and mints not only cover the taste, but also helps to control your partner's gag reflex.

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This is great information for new consultants too.

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