Should you create a list or price list of services?

Greetings everyone,

This post addresses the biggest problem I had in the beginning capturing and handling my target audience as a legal marketer. It is natural, normal and expected to receive questions from serious prospects. Serious prospects want to know about you, your services and your offerings. They expect details written out so they may analyze if what they are receiving is worth the cost. This is something everyone would expect. Early on I provided a list of services on my business site. After all, this is what I would expect if I were hiring a service.

Marketing books traditional and non-traditional promote giving as much information to prospective clients as possible. (via brochures, fliers, e-mail, circulars, etc . . .) The more inquiry from prospects, the better your chance of gaining cherished customers. I applied this strategy in my first business. What the books left out was how to market a closed or specialized community; such as contracting with criminal defense attorneys. The services we provide are intangible and when translated to paper could not compensate for the "if" instances and there are many "if" instances. We found out, our first go around, about marketing a professional specialized community. Sharing our services in detail created competition. We had to work harder, smarter and longer until the competition could not keep up and finally drifted away. The competition were attorneys who contacted us that we sent detailed information to. Now we meet face to face with potential legal marketing clients and explain our services to create mutual understanding and agreement of the services we provide. Our real success did not come until we implemented this way of doing business with defense attorneys. This separated the serious prospects from those wanting a written model.

Outlining your services is fantastic for gaining prospective clients depending on your business and your target audience. In our beginning, we did not understand our audience. If I could go back in time, a list of legal marketing services would have never been created.

Should you create a list or price list of your services? It depends on the character of your audience. lol

It is always a Blessing to Share, Dream a World!

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