Skeptical about Network Marketing & Multi Level Marketing (MLM's)????

Network Marketing Works---When you know how to work it.

As an entreprenur...i currently have 2 businesses. One of them happens to be a network marketing business (

Thinking about starting a home based business for sometime now... It all sounds good in theory. It would be nice to keep your current job (until you choose to move on), cultivate a new opportunity, create unlimited income potential, achieve a healthier personal and family lifestyle, pay those college tuitions, establish financial security for retirement, and have the means to pursue any dream you may have.

But you’re skeptical. You’ve heard about the pyramids, the scams and the loads of products you must buy to remain eligible for compensation. You hear about the companies that collapse or get into trouble with various attorney generals and government agencies for illegal compensation plans and false product claims. So is Network Marketing a viable home based business or work at home opportunity?

The answer is yes. There are many legitimate Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing, MLM companies out there which people are building very successful home based businesses with. They are building large networks and generating significant supplemental residual income and in many cases primary incomes.

Matter of fact there are over 20 million people in the USA in the Network Marketing Industry today. A large percentage of whom have made this their chosen profession, a full time profession. The beauty of this industry however is that anyone can be successful on a part time basis with limited resources. The secret to success is repetition and consistency in following the systems laid out by the MLM one chooses.

Thus the trick becomes figuring out how to choose the right MLM, the best Network Marketing Company for an individual’s personal situation.

There are many resources out there to help with this process. Before i joined ( I did a lot of research b/c i was skeptical about joining yet ANOTHER MLM business...and believe me, ive tried them all. But during my research i didnt find anything derogatory about that. On top of the fact that i actually do like and use their product w/o having to feel pressured or convinced. Nor do i have to go to any of those brainwashing "conventions" that are associated w/other MLMs, but i still have the support i need, whenever i need it.

Today people in general are more skeptical and we have to live with that harsh reality. Network marketing prospects are even more skeptical, making it difficult but not impossible to build your business.

Each of us has some degree of skepticism, after we've been burned a few times it becomes much tougher to sell us anything.

Especially if we've already been down that path and found it did not work as advertised.

Network marketing brings with it a whole new set of challenges, from the way we advertise, to how we approach our prospects.

So it is no wonder when we hear something that contradicts what the majority of marketers are saying we immediately discount it until later it is proven true.

One of the important things to remember is, you are in a REAL BUSINESS. You no longer have a boss holding you accountable. Your network marketing success or failure is dependent upon you and your actions, and is not a get rich quick overnight program.

If you are currently researching different Newtork Marketing opportunities, here is what you should be looking for:

Are Distributor-Driven.
Have Products & Services people want.
Great Management.
Have Some Form of A Compensation Plan.

Does the company have it? Do they stand behind their products, services, and their distributors? No outrageous claims or exaggerations.

Success Rate:

We have to face the fact that 97% fail, if you want to cut years from the learning curve, become part of the 3% that does succeed, then you need to discover a program that has helped thousands achieve greater results:

Weve been in business for a few years and things are continually progressing. You can even send a FREE card to see for yourself how great and easy this business is. For questions or comments please feel free to email me

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