Sound off Leaders! How can you teach on which you have not mastered?

Can you mentor/teach/share strategies on a topic for which you have never implemented?

Professors, educators, trainers do it ALL the time! They study and master the understanding of a concept then teach it to others?

Can this also apply to business, marketing, MLM Strategist? Or Do you have to have gone through the “trenches” and have the scars to prove you are credible and that you are qualified to make a recommendation?

For example: Its very well someone could be a Consultant for Marketing Specialty Bike Shops..well should they have owned a bike shop, marketed the shop and reached a level of success BEFORE consulting other bike shop owners OR

Is it feasible to have a passion for bikes go to Bike Shop management/marketing 101, worked with a few clients and now venture off doing it full time without having implemented or owned a Bike shop?

In business consulting I am sure you would give a recommendation and a strategy solving their pain point but in MLM you have to lead the way and get in the field with your “sales force”…so in essence MLM Consulting will force your hand to “Show and Prove” because if they signup with you and you are just “telling them” what to do and not demonstrating they most likely will fail.

So does it depend on “what” type of consultant you are OR does the rule apply to everyone that you must first do the thing in which you are recommending in order to consult on it??? Which suggests that coaches no matter what kind should first go on the journey for which they will take their clients?

Sound off…Love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

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Comment by Kimkesia on September 28, 2012 at 10:34pm

I think you have to show you've been tested. People are attracted to the person selling the product before the product itself. The credentials do matter!


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