When you are inclined in the profession of hair styling, perhaps one of your greatest dreams is to be part of the few yet very good top hair dressers in your country or even in the world. It’s a very difficult journey but not an impossible one. It is not even impossible for those who have no knowledge and zero training at all, for the most important factor to be successful in this field is your determination, commitment, and your very own unique eyes. If it’s possible to be the industry’s leader, where should you start?

1. Start by acquainting yourself with the numerous hair cutting and styling methods and techniques. This would eventually consume bulk of your time. Even when you already consider yourself as a professional, there are still some items to consider and lessons to learn. An aspiring top hair stylist will not progress when there are gaps and omissions in his or her learning curve. Neither can he or she keep up with competition if he or she is unaware of cuts and styles others are offering.

2. Start with a few yet loyal clienteles. Though you would want to be recognized by as many people as possible to be the best hair stylist, it still pays to be patient and let the laws of nature and economics take their course. Concentrate on giving your best shot even with a few clients that you currently have, for the good news (your very good work) will eventually spread out. Instead of allotting your time massively promoting your services elsewhere, just prepare for the load of referrals that your current customers may provide when you get your job done exceptionally.

3. The industry leaders have keen pair of eyes capable of identifying hair styles whether they look good or exceptionally good. They are concentrated on providing the latter. Getting a haircut and hair styling done good means that your work is merely acceptable and is common. Creating an exceptional look suggests that your work is hailed above the average and an exception to what is acceptable, that it is somewhat unique and can only be tagged as your own creation.

4. Bring your imaginations to life. Most of the time, the best hair stylist can already imagine the perfect cut, twists, and curls at the mere instant of seeing the client’s hair. It’s a very good sign of an artistic and skillful mind. Implement all your planned creations however odd-looking they may be. The top hair stylists of today made their mark with the help of their crazy ideas.

5. Search for a good mentor. Aside from the lessons which may be imparted to you, explore more for other ideas. Join seminars and conventions on hair styling. When given an opportunity, seek employment under one of the best hair and fashion stylist in your country or area, even just as an assistant. You will eventually learn some tips and tricks by mere watching and listening.

6. Establish communication or a strong relationship with each of your client. If possible, get to know their personalities and lifestyles. It’s not only a form of excellent customer service but also a chance for you to learn even more.

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Charlotte Howard is a Celebrity Radio Host, Salon Business Expert, Lifestyle Coach, Hair Artist, Author and Founder of The Hair Artist Association teaching about the power of Beauty!

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