Stop The Violence - Changing The Mindset Of Humanity 09-09-2012

Stop The Violence - Changing The Mindset Of Humanity
On 09-09-2012 ministers from around the country and all around around the world will change the mindset of humanity with the most important sermon of their careers as they preach the word "Stop The Violence" taken from the lyrics of the International Stop the Violence theme song and sharing with their congregation from the theological point of view as well as relating stories from the Bible. The spirit of GOD will fill churches worldwide like never before and when the people go back to into their communities and spread the message about "Stop The Violence" the spirit of non-violence will move through society and change the lives of millions of people. I want all ministers to video their sermon and mail it to KCPI T.V. 524 Brice Street, Baton, Rouge, Louisiana 70802 where they will be aired from September 9th through October 9th leading up to the National Crime Symposium which will be held at the New Orleans Marriot Hotel. So join us in this life changing experience. Also go to You Tube type in Chili Most Fight For Your Rights or click on to the link below and check out the video. It's the theme song for the upcoming Presidential Election. It's a must that everybody especially our youth see this video then twitter and blog all of their friends to plant the seed about VOTING because the best way to "Fight For Your Rights" is to VOTE. Check my website at I can be reached at (323) 983-1135. Thanks. PEACE. 

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